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“We have sold [1] times in the past. Hey Agents provided peace of mind and the control we were always looking for.”

— Sarah & James, Sydney

“We have sold [1] times in the past. Hey Agents provided peace of mind and the control we were always looking for.”

— Sarah & James, Sydney

10 Best Real Estate Agents in Kangaroo Point (Qld)

The top 10 best real estate agents in Kangaroo Point (Qld), by volume of sales (in no particular order), are Simon Caulfield Place Estate Agents Kangaroo Point, Soren Andersen, Michael Bacon, Karen Pierce, Justin Smith, Peter Gaston, Tony Grlj, Deahnne Brodie, Colin Walsh and Jim Fraser who combined sold 79 properties in Kangaroo Point (Qld). These agents made up 50% of the overall sales in Kangaroo Point (Qld) since February 28th, 2019.


In total, Kangaroo Point (Qld) as a suburb made up of 130 real estate agents, who combined sold 157 properties since February 28th, 2019.

Currently, there are 0 houses and 0 apartments listed for sale in Kangaroo Point (Qld). In the past 12 months, 89% of the properties that sold in Kangaroo Point (Qld) were apartment at an average sale price of $754,861. Real estate agents in Kangaroo Point (Qld) also sold 17 house at an average sale price of $1,141,176

Interestingly, 4% of the apartment sales in Kangaroo Point (Qld) go to auction, while 0% of their house listings sell via privateTreaty.

The most outstanding result in terms of price was achieved by Damon Lewis from Ray White New Farm who sold 128 River Terrace, Kangaroo Point QLD 4169 a 0 bedroom, 0 bathroom land via privateTreaty for $4,800,000

The last recorded sale in Kangaroo Point (Qld) was by, Michael Bacon from Place Estate Agents Kangaroo Point who sold 34/55 Baildon Street, Kangaroo Point a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment via privateTreaty for $0 on 2020-02-27.

Top Agencies in Kangaroo Point (Qld)

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Yes, you can!

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The individual agents.

While a reputable agency certainly can help, it’s the individual agent that’s working for you during the sales campaign (calling buyers, negotiating, etc) that has the most impact. Hey Agents lets you see which individual agents are experts and sell more properties just like yours in your area.

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