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1. Create your profile

More than just a profile, it’s your virtual portfolio. Showcase your personality, experience, areas of expertise and track record.

Your agent bio, video profile, client reviews, current and sold listings, statistics, plus much more!
We're all about efficiency, the process takes less than 2 minutes.
Yes, you'll have the ability to edit your profile - just like your Linkedin profile.
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2. Receive qualified briefs

New briefs come in hourly and are visible on your dashboard instantly. We will notified you as soon as a new brief from one of your core-suburbs is posted.

Seller briefs describes the property, timeframe in which they anticipate to be on the market, if they have a preferred method of sale, investment or owner occupied etc.
To keep our platform relevant, agents are required to chose 5 'core suburbs' during sign-up. You will have access to respond to any brief that comes in from your choice of 5 suburbs.
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3. Submit proposals

We’re all about efficiency. Proposals are designed to be done on the fly and shouldn’t take longer than 4 minutes to complete. Write a small intro, answer questions the seller has asked, and your done.

Responsiveness and past client reviews hold a lot of weight. The beauty of our platform is that it brings a level of transparency, and for once the ability for agents to stand out on merit.
We educate sellers to wait until the listing presentation for an appraisal, and the same applies for the marketing costs and strategy. Because both are determined by the property, its location, condition and price point - which cannot be accurately answered without physically viewing the property.
Yes it is, but keep in mind its in a closed platform so only vetted, ready sellers will be able to view your bespoke fee.

4. Meet face to face

This is what its all about, more opportunity to do what you do best. We recommend that our sellers meet 2-3 agents for a traditional listing presentation.

Firstly it provides sellers with a filter that cannot be replicated online - a listing presentation is what really sets you apart. We believe that if you are one of the 2-3 best agents for a particular type of dwelling in a suburb or price point, then this allows for more opportunity.
Our platform was created to differentiate agents based their quality. Property isn't a commodity and either are you.

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